What is an 'Intergenerational Playground'?

Whilst traditionally playspaces in the past were considered the domain of young children, the current best practice across the world is creating welcoming fun playspaces that everyone in the community can enjoy. Whether you are a parent with young children, a teenager, young adult or older member of the community, being able to recreate and have fun is a key focus of this iconic destination space.

When will work start on the redevelopment of Wellington Square?

Dependent on the outcome of the planning process, we anticipate that work will start on the redevelopment in late 2018.

What is the easiest way for me to keep up to date with opportunities to provide feedback on the plans for Wellington Square?

The easiest way to keep up to date and informed about the consultation process is to register to receive project updates. You can do that by clicking on the ‘Stay Informed’ button and leaving your details. Also, keep checking in on this page, as we will be posting information about upcoming workshops and other opportunities for people to contribute to the development of the Masterplan.

Will there be further opportunities for community input into the planning process?

A wide range of stakeholders and communities have an interest in the plans for Wellington Square, and City of Perth is committed to ensuring that the final Masterplan reflects their aspirations. As part of the formal planning process, the draft and final versions of the Masterplan will be advertised for public comment. However, to ensure the Masterplan has the full support of the community and stakeholders, City of Perth will continue to seek feedback. This will be done in a variety of ways, including workshops, online engagement and consultation.

When will the Masterplan be finalised?

The draft Masterplan was endorsed by Council in December 2017. Following further community consultation on the draft, the final Masterplan is due to be submitted to Council in mid 2018.

Who is City of Perth working with on the development of the Masterplan?

In addition to local residents and businesses, City of Perth is continuing to engage with State Government departments, community services, environmental and heritage groups, sports organisations, indigenous groups and educational institutions.

What is the City of Perth doing about the antisocial behaviour and social issues at Wellington Square?

As can be appreciated, the issues facing Wellington Square are complex and require a collaborative approach. 

The City of Perth is currently working with a range of State Government departments, agencies and community service providers to address social issues at Wellington Square. Antisocial behaviour, violence, drinking and drugs are dealt with by the Police, who have powers which can be used to address most of these issues. 

Homelessness and the provision of housing and accommodation is the responsibility of the State Government, private or community providers. The Department of Health, through the Patient Assisted Transport Scheme (PATS) coordinates accommodation of patients travelling from regional areas to Royal Perth Hospital for health services. 

The City of Perth is conducting a Crisis and Transitional Accommodation study which will consider all options available within the city to assist with finding accommodation for regional patients who often end up staying in Wellington Square. 

The City of Perth is also currently developing a Mobile Free Food and Service Provision permit system to regulate days and times of service delivery in public open spaces. 

What can the community do to improve the situation in Wellington Square?

1. Participate in the consultation process for the Wellington Square Masterplan 
2. Contact City Homeless Response (Salvation Army) 0429 511 833
3. Contact the Police when safety or antisocial incidents occur 131 444 or East Perth Local Police Team 0466 521 457