Who designed the City of Perth Library?

    The City of Perth Library is an iconic Perth building which opened in March 2016. Designed by Kerry Hill Architects and built by Doric Contractors, the building has received many awards and accolades.

    Why is the City doing remediation works on the Library Facade?

    The Stone Cladding that is featured on the outside of the building has been impacted by expansion and contraction. A recent survey has shown that more stone is failing and has become a risk to the public. To ensure public safety, the City will remove all the existing stone and replace it with a new facade.

    How did the City know there was issues with the Stone Cladding?

    During regular routine inspections of the building, pieces of loose stone have been detected and removed.

    Why is the City putting up a safety barrier?

    To ensure public safety, the City will install a safety barrier around the library. This will remove the risk of falling stone.

    Will the Library be open during the works?

    Yes, the Library will remain open during this period, and all entrances will remain operational.