How does it benefit me?

    In addition to receiving three-hours no fee payable parking during the weekends and public holidays, the three-hour free parking trial will provide valuable feedback on the impact of parking on neighbourhood retail high street areas of the City of Perth.

    How will the three-hour no fee parking affect my business?

    The three-hour no fee parking trial aims to see more foot traffic and increase neighbourhood high street retail and community patronage. This will be measured during the 12-month trial.

    Do I have a say about the trial?

    The three-hour no fee parking trial will provide valuable feedback on the impact of parking on high street retail in key areas of the City of Perth. Whether you’re a business or visitor, you can access information on the Engage Perth website (here). You may see roving people taking surveys on the streets, otherwise, please call 9461 1570 to have your say.

    Will the signage change on the street so I know where I can park?

    Yes it will. A 3P free sign will be added. Take a look at the photograph on this webpage.

    Why does it look like you’re trying to infringe drivers or vehicles in the trial area?

    Making sure people abide by the three-hour no fee payable parking is a process that requires inspection by our parking officers who are out on the streets in designated beats. As such, there will be no change or additional shifts to the normal enforcement routine in the area. The City can issue infringements where customers have overstayed or not paid for parking to allow for fair access to parking bays to create turnover for businesses and services across the city. We also have CCTV which monitors vehicle movement across the city.

    Will parking infringements still be issued after the parking trial has commenced?

    Infringements will still be issued against vehicles illegally parked outside general parking areas in the free trial zones such as in no stopping areas, on a footpath or across a driveway.