What is Community Wellbeing?

    Community Wellbeing, put simply, is the state of wellbeing for the whole community. When we consider community wellbeing, we first look what impacts wellbeing for individuals, for example physical and mental health, social inclusion, access to services, education and employment opportunities. 

    We then look at how these factors – at an aggregate level – impact the community. For example: being employed has a positive impact on your wellbeing but high unemployment in your community – even if you have a job – will have a negative impact on your wellbeing. When the potential of a community’s wellbeing is fulfilled it will be resilient, and all individuals are able to flourish.

    What is Social Infrastructure?

    ‘Social infrastructure’ refers to the “mix of facilities, places, spaces, programs, projects, services and networks that maintain and improve the standard of living and quality of life in a community” (Department of Planning WA 2012). The social infrastructure of a community can influence and support overall community wellbeing.

    What are the six neighbourhoods of the City of Perth?

    Six neighbourhoods have been identified as part of the City of Perth City Planning Strategy:

    • Central Perth

    • Northbridge

    • East Perth

    • Crawley/Nedlands

    • West Perth

    • Claisebrook

    Has any community consultation already occurred?

    No. While the Social Strategy will align with the Strategic Community Plan and other City plans, the engagement activities outlined on this Social Strategy Project page are the first opportunities for the community to provide specific input into the Social Strategy.

    Will any personal details in my submission be released to the public?

    No. The City of Perth values and respects your privacy.

    What is the Community Wellbeing Indicators Framework about?

    It is now agreed that wellbeing is not just determined by being happy or healthy or economically stable. Rather, it is a combination of a range of conditions. The City of Perth’s new Community Wellbeing Indicators Framework was developed through rigorous review, both within Australia and internationally, of what we currently understand to be determinants of wellbeing. Extensive research and preliminary engagement with staff from the City of Perth’s business units was undertaken to inform this process.

    Through effective target setting, and the monitoring and reporting on the dimensions of the Framework, the City of Perth will be able to provide, facilitate and/or advocate for important local issues and better inform policy and planning. The City of Perth will be in a position to assess how life has changed for people within its community, and in time how this compares with other communities. The Framework proposes that the City monitor and report on areas that impact the wellbeing of the community where it has control or influence.

    The seven domains in the City’s Framework (above) reflect the high-level outcomes we are trying to achieve. Determinants have been grouped under each domain and for each determinant a set of indicators and measures has been identified.

    The Community Wellbeing Indicators Framework will help to guide our conversations with the community, to better understand and gauge the social resilience, health, and wellbeing of Perth city people.