Why is the City undertaking this project?

    The City has identified a need for a multi-sport and recreation facility combined with community uses for the existing and future city population.

    The existing premises of the Perth and Tattersalls Bowling and Recreation Club are approaching the end of their building life, requiring replacement or significant refurbishment. This is an opportune time to plan and deliver a new facility that meets the identified need, creates community spaces and enhances the appeal of living and enjoying the East Perth area and the city at large.

    The project's ultimate outcome will be a Masterplan, encompassing current club activities and the potential for a future mixed-use development on both the existing site and adjacent land. The final plan will include a conceptual design (image) accompanied by a report describing the intended land uses and facilities and a staging plan, laying the groundwork for realising the vision.

    What is the City of Perth engaging the community about?

    The City is dedicated to revitalising and energising its facilities and has identified Plain Street as a promising hub where life, sports, and commerce can thrive together. 

    Our primary objective is to ensure that the Masterplan reflects the community’s aspirations, stakeholder needs, and the ongoing demands of a growing population.

    Our engagement is focused on understanding these community aspirations and stakeholder needs. 
    We're already working with the Perth and Tattersalls Bowling and Recreation Club to understand the interests of both current and potential club users. Now we need to understand the community and stakeholders more widely.

    What are some of the opportunities or challenges being considered at Plain Street?

    There are several opportunities or challenges for the site being considered as part of this project, including: 

    •    Keeping and enhancing cross-site linkages making it open and accessible for all.
    •    Making sure that the city’s urban tree canopy is retained and enhanced, with an aim to increase tree canopy, open space and recreation activities.
    •    Taking advantage of the waterfront proximity and views.
    •    Recognising that the site is at the gateway to the city and has the potential to create an iconic entry.
    •    Complementing other nearby projects including the Derbal Yerrigan/Swan Riverside Masterplan redevelopment, the Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge and the Western Australian Aboriginal Cultural Centre.
    •    The best use of the land and its surrounding areas in keeping with the nearby parkland and resident and business users.
    •    Maintaining onsite uses, but ensuring they are more functional, practical and user friendly; making them more efficient.
    •    Making sure that essential infrastructure including drainage and water pipes are maintained and protected.
    •    Designing for a future that is more sustainable and resilient.

    Will there be changes in the way that the site is used?

    The Local Planning Strategy identifies this area as an open space area, which would typically include sporting, recreation and community functions. The use of the site is likely to change to enable the type and scale of facility that is currently anticipated, depending on the Masterplan process. 

    Whilst uses other that the Perth and Tattersalls Bowling and Recreation Club have not been committed to, the City envisages the development of community facilities ahead of need/ demand to attract families and communities to live in the area; this engagement process will help us to understand the scale of change expected.

    You can view the Masterplan boundaries and provide suggestions on the types of facilities that you think would be desirable there, on the interactive map under the ‘online Ideas board’ heading.

    How long will this project take?

    The preparation of Masterplans takes time. There are many steps and different stakeholders who need to contribute to the plan, as well as approval at the local and state government level. 

    It is expected that the Masterplan will be completed by the end of 2024. The Master Plan will be used to inform an amendment to the City’s Planning Scheme. A scheme amendment takes approximately 18 months to complete.

    What are you asking me to provide feedback on?

    The Plain Street redevelopment will be an important community space; and community input is essential to ensuring the design meets the needs and aspirations of the people using it (or who would like to use it). 

    During consultation (January/February), the City will be seeking feedback on:

    •    The community’s vision and aspirations for a future community sports and recreation hub;
    •    Other uses or activities that might be suited on the site;
    •    Any stories and history that can be retold in the development; and
    •    Any other ideas, big or small, innovative or exciting, that might be delivered in the development.

    How can I get involved?

    Consultation took place in January, February and March 2024. There will be more opportunities to get involved in the future. Subscribe to the project to keep informed.