Trinity Shared Path and Foreshore Stabilisation

    Where is the exact location of this project?

    The project works extend along the portion of shared path north of Trinity College, along the foreshore, ending at the Waterbank Perth sales office. It will include the path and surrounding foreshore area.

    What does this project aim to achieve? (What is the result/what will it look like?)

    This project aims to provide improved safety (at night and from potential user conflicts),  better wayfinding and directional signage, and an enhanced foreshore environment.

    Works will include new and improved lighting, an upgraded and realigned  path surface and  restoration of the foreshore to prevent erosion, including the planting of over 50 native trees.

    How do I ask a question or provide feedback?

    For general queries related to this project, please submit your question at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you with an answer.

    A phone number for urgent construction or site related queries will be included once a contractor has been appointed.