Why are these works required?

    The Mounts Bay Road shared path is heavily trafficked by pedestrians and cyclists and is the main east/west route between Crawley and the city. It is a City priority to keep busy shared paths safe and usable for residents.

    The City’s 22/23 capital asset renewal program has identified two sections of the Mounts Bay Road shared path that require significant remedial works. These works involve extensive repairs and a reconstruction of the failing footpath pavement. These repair works will mitigate any further degradation, and risk of collapse, and extend the usable life of the path.

    Why is a full closure required?

    • The City has engaged a contractor to undertake the works and has also liaised closely with Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA), Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) to ensure the works do not impact the river or the integrity of the river wall.

    • The work sites are located in the proximity of the Old Swan Brewery. The sites are significantly constrained by the river edge and the four lanes of the adjacent road, and there are no nearby alternate routes for the vehicle traffic.

    • City officers have worked with the contractor to prepare four options for temporary traffic management during construction. These options were assessed on a value for money, time and risk basis, and the recommendation was for a full path closure for six weeks. This will minimise disruption to the road traffic, vegetation and existing electrical and telecommunication services along Mounts Bay Road. This option will also ensure the shortest possible construction duration. The proposed dates of the shared path closure are 20 March 2023 to 01 May 2023.

    • Closing the shared path will ensure that construction activities can be undertaken in the safest possible manner, and significantly reduce the risk of a partial river wall collapse during the works. It has further been advised that the works are completed with the current favourable river tidal conditions, before these decrease during the winter months.

    What do I need to know?

    • The City will advertise and communicate the shutdown through regular our media channels including Engage Perth, notification emails, social posts and community newsletters. On site signage will be installed advising in advance of the shutdowns, detours and duration of the works.

    • Detour maps for pedestrians and cyclists will be available for distribution. Information on these detours will be shared though our social media channels and will also be available by contacting the City of Perth on info@cityofperth.wa.gov.au or customer service on 9461 3333.

    • Parking at the Old Swan Brewery will still available and accessible. Four of the parking bays on the east end of the CCP Mounts Bay Road will out of service for the duration of the project.

    What are the benefits of the project?

    • Proactive planning, maintenance and renewal will ensure the City’s assets remain at a high level of service. Repairing the shared path will mitigate further degradation over time. If the works are not carried out now there is a risk for larger and more comprehensive works in the future, which would mean closure for a longer period. Maintenance of the shared path ensures its longevity and use for many years to come.
    • The old handrails will be replaced, new handrails will be installed along the river wall, while maintaining the river wall integrity. The shared path is a popular route for both cyclists and pedestrians, and it is important that the path is maintained to a safe level of service for future use.