Where is the exact location of this project?

    The project works extend along the length of Kings Park Road inside the park land from Thomas Street to Fraser Avenue before crossing Kings Park Road in front of Dumas House and connecting with the existing shared path along Harvest Terrace.

    Will large trees have to be removed? How many?

    Yes, the construction of this path will require some mature vegetation to be cleared. All such clearing will be subject to the approval of BGPA, and where necessary, under clearance permits from the Department of Water & Environmental Regulation (DWER). 

    The route of the path has been designed to minimise the need to clear large trees – fewer than ten will be removed. The trees earmarked for removal are in most cases aged, deconditioned and nearing the end of their natural lifespan.

    Will more trees be planted to replace those lost during the works?

    Yes. Renewed vegetation will be added to the vicinity once the new shared path is complete. The new plantings in this area will be chosen in consideration of climate resilience and optimal habitat for local fauna.

    Won’t a new path just get damaged by tree roots?

    The design of the new path has taken careful account of existing and planned vegetation in the area, and will come into minimal conflict with surrounding vegetation. The path will be constructed using 100mm concrete, with coarse aggregate underneath. The design will include boardwalk sections where the path crosses tree root protection zones.

    Will I still be able to visit the Parklands, Koorak Cafe and the Royal Kings Park Tennis Club during the construction?

    Yes, access will be maintained to these areas throughout the shared path works. At some stages of the works, traffic management will be in place.

    What does this project aim to achieve?

    This project aims to provide more active transport options in, out and around the CBD.  

    To safely accommodate the increased number of people walking and riding in the area and improve safety at night, the Kings Park Road Shared Path will include new lighting.

    Has the Accessibility of the path been considered?

    During early phases of this project, the topography of steep grades and protected native vegetation as key constraints to the design of the shared path. 

    The constraints made it unfeasible to design the path completely in accordance with the Australian Standards which are usually referenced for DDA compliance. 

    To ensure that we were taking the necessary steps to design an inclusive path whilst maintaining the natural environment as much as possible an accessibility consultant was engaged to provide advice on how to best manage these conflicting requirements. 

    The design measures taken into consideration include:

    • Take measures to reduce gradients as far as possible. 
    • To provide park bench seating set on a flat hard stand with additional space where a wheelchair or pram user where there are unavoidable slopes.
    • TGSIs (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators) to be provided at all road crossings. 
    • Retain seating opportunities. Nearby seats in the park with an informal path is still of benefit.
    • Staggered crossing to allow 1500*1500mm depth for a wheelchair user to make a 90° turn and align themselves to cross the road.
    • Concrete pavement to be used to minimise disruption from tree roots to path surface.

    Has the Whadjuk Heritage or the area been considered?

    The Whadjuk knowledge holders have been consulted on the path proposal for the City of Perth to better understand the Traditional Heritage of the land. The response to the proposal was positive with the knowledge holders who encouraged the modern connectivity and safety improvement to the traditional highway joining the waterways through Kings Park. The City of Perth will continue to work with these knowledge holders to ensure that the disruption to the land is minimal and that the Whadjuk story can be shared with future path users.

    How do I ask a question or provide feedback?

    For general queries related to this project, please submit your question at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you with an answer.

    For urgent construction or site related queries please contact Advanteering Civil Engineers directly via Daniel Ogilvie - 0451 080 297